It’s safe to say we’ve all at some point woken up with a stiff back. Sometimes we can’t possibly think of ANYTHING we’ve done the day before that would cause this discomfort. But it’s not always something you did, there is more too it than lifting wrong, or turning the wrong way.

Therapy expert Jerikka explains the causes of back stiffness and how to alleviate it.

1. Inactivity: When sleeping for about 6 – 8 hours your body isn’t moving. The muscle fibers and fascia stick to one another causing that stiffness. So waking up and moving helps get rid of it by removing those “cobwebs” (muscle fiber and fascia stuck together). Movement also helps lubricate the joints.

2. Hydration: The backbones contain discs that contain water. The water pushes the discs on to the nerves causing discomfort, but during the day we lose a lot of that water which reduces that pressure on the nerves alleviating that stiffness.

3. Sleeping position- Sleeping causes displacement in the spine, using pillows in between your legs, underneath your legs, under your head and even holding one, will help neutralize the spine.

4. Bed Mattress: Most people have the wrong level of comfort for their bed, sometimes the bed is too soft, sometimes it’s too hard. Some people may want to try different styles of beds such as spring-loaded, memory foam, etc.

What can help with this feeling of stiffness is stretching first thing in the morning. In this video, Jerrika gives you some stretching examples that you can try tomorrow morning:)

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