Guess what?! We’ve been given the green light to officially open our Therapy Services again (yay!)🎉

I think we can agree It’s been a long time of not having access to your therapy services 😞 and maybe time away has had the discomfort has come back, not get any better, or possibly have gotten worse. Either way, you’re probably due for a session.

We understand that things are a bit different so we’ve adapted to the change, and we’re not only bringing you the same services such as:

✅ Physiotherapy
✅ Chiropractic Care
✅ Massage Therapy
✅ Acupuncture
✅ Orthotics
✅ Naturopathy
✅ and more

But we have taken the utmost caution in providing a safe experience by making sure:

👍🏼 Temperatures of clients and staff are checked before entering the building.

👍🏼 All Therapists wash and sanitize their hands before & after each patient.

👍🏼 PPE is used by all staff around the clock to ensure safety.

👍🏼 Appointments are spaced apart to minimize patient to patient exposure.

👍🏼 All surfaces and equipment are sanitized before & after use as well as regular around the clock sanitization

So let’s get back to taking care of our bodies, feeling amazing and feeling safe🙌🏽

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