Pain in the Sacroiliac Joint aka SI Joint can be felt in the lower back and/or down your legs. The SI Joint connects your hip bones to the sacrum, this is the triangular bone between the lumbar spine and the tailbone. The primary function of these joints are to absorb shock between your upper body, pelvis and legs with the support of your glute maximus and your piriformis muscle.

The pain is very similar to Lumbar Disc Herniation(Sciatica) so it’s very difficult to differentiate between the two.

SNU Chiropractor Jenn (@dr.jenniferjoucas) shows us a very simple exercises if you are suffering from SI Joint Pain. SI Joint pain can also be very easily treated manually by a Chiropractor.

If you are suffering from SI Joint pain, you don’t want to leave this untreated as it can lead to sever muscle tension, chronic low back pain or worst case, arthritis.

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