MMA Band Circuit – HIIT

The Workout

Today is #FunFriday so here’s a Banded MMA Inspired HIIT Circuit you can add to your conditioning days and end the week off with a bang ?

It doesn’t take a whole lot of equipment to work the entire body, you just need a little bit of innovation and a lot of heart ❤ ⁣

1️. High-Low Twists⁣

2️. Drag Crunches ⁣
(Keep your core tight the entire time!)⁣

3️. Jab-Cross-Uppercuts⁣

4️. Switch Lunge Rows⁣
(start with alternating lunges and row to get the hang of the movement then work your way up to doing it with switch lunges)⁣

5️. Matrix Rows To Cross⁣
*You’ve seen the Matrix row here FIRST😉 (For beginners, perform the Martix rows first then add the cross transition once you feel comfortable!)⁣

6️. Crunch To Kick-Ups⁣
(Keep your core tight the entire time!)⁣

✔4 sets⁣

✔45-60 sec per exercise ⁣

✔Perform in a circuit fashion- One exercise immediately after the other⁣

✔60-90 seconds rest between sets⁣

…You know we finally here, right?⁣
Where are we?⁣

…It’s Friday then⁣
Then Saturday, Sunday, what? ??

❤ Have a great weekend SNU crew!


exerciseroutine ⁣⁣

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