The Best Meals For Your Workout

Are you finding it difficult to figure out what to eat before and after your workouts?

As you have probably heard, nutrition is one of (if not the most) crucial aspect of getting fit because it helps fuel and then repair your muscles. Without proper nutrition, you will see slower or no results regardless of the amount of work you put in at the gym.

In this video, SNU Sports Nutritionist Allan highlights the BEST and EASIEST meals to eat 2 hours, 1 hour and 30 minutes before your workout (pre-workout) as well as 30 minutes and 1-2 hours after you’re finished (post-workout). If you follow these correctly, you will definitely feel the benefits overtime.

All of these meals can be prepared quickly and with a small ingredients list. Try these meals and as you become more comfortable with the recipes/timing of consumption, feel free to change it up to fit your specific preference.

Check out the video above to learn what and when you should eat before and after your workout to optimize your gains without compromising your health!

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