Treating A Shoulder Injury – Don’t Lift Until You Watch This

3 Simple Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises (Very Effective)

Have you ever experienced shoulder pain while bench pressing?

You train through the pain, hoping it’ll just go away….

But it doesn’t…it just gets worse…

This is a common problem. Train hard and long enough, and chances are that you’ll end up experiencing some kind of shoulder pain. More often than not, the first sign of this instability is a pain in your shoulder, also known as the glenohumeral joint.

In this video, Dr. Dan Silva (Chiropractor), explains why this issues occurs and demonstrates 3 shoulder pain relief exercises that can help. Give these exercises a try so you can get back to lifting pain-free and crushing your fitness goals!

what causes my shoulder pain?

SNU-THERAPY Physiotherapist, Danielle Ufniak, showing the root cause of shoulder injuries relating to lifting weights and how to treat them.

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