What Do Chiropractors Actually Do?

Chiropractic Adjustments Explained

People see chiropractors for many reason such as:

  • relieving headaches,
  • back, shoulder, foot and neck pain,
  • numbness and tingling or even loss of strength in your arms and legs.

Chiropractors examine a patient’s spine’s position and muscle reflexes. Despite what you might have heard, the myths that surround chiropractic adjustments have been busted – it’s safe and covered by many insurance and benefits programs.

SNU Chiropractor Dr. Jenn(@jenn.jouc) gives us the facts on chiropractic adjustments and how it works! If chiropractic therapy has been recommended for you, we assure you that there is nothing to fear. Come see Dr. Jenn or one of our other chiropractic doctors if you have any questions or would like to give a Chiropractic Adjustment a try!

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