28-Day Summer Shred Challenge- Weigh In Instructions

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how to book your weigh-in

Step #1

Login to the SNU Booking App

Step #2

Click on “Book” Button

Step #3

Click on “Appointments”

Step #4


Step #5

Click on “28 Day Summer Shred” section

Step #6

Choose any available appoint from May 1st and May 3rd ONLY


The 28-Day Summer Shred Weight-Loss Challenge is for any current or past member/patient of SNU Scarborough and Mississauga.

Scarborough and Mississauga will conduct their own independent challenge so each location will have their own $ pot total.

It’s a $50 pledge to join, so you have some skin in the game to motivate you during the 28 days.

If you lose 4% body weight after 28 days, you’ll split the pot with all winners who also lost 4% body weight.

For Example:

100 people join the challenge.
@$50 pledge each, that’s a $5k pot.

If 20 people lose 4% body weight after 28-Days, they split the $5k pot.

Each person will win $250🙌
($5000 ÷ $20= $250)

Out of those 20 winners, the top 3 will get the grand prizes:

The person who lost the most weight in the challenge wins the 1st Place Prize
-> 4 Personal Training Sessions

The person who loses the second most in the challenge wins the 2nd Place Bonus Prize.
-> 3 X 30 Min RMT Appointments

The person who loses the third most in the challenge wins the 3rdd Place Bonus Prize
-> 1 Month Unlimited Groupon Fitness Classes

  • Initial Weigh-Ins. Initial weigh-ins establish a player’s official starting weight. The initial weigh-in may be submitted starting May 1st to May 3rd. Players joining late do not get extra time at the end. Note: weights are never revealed without a player’s explicit permission, except privately and confidentially to the SNU staff.
  • We understand the importance of maintaining your privacy when it comes to health and fitness. All weigh-ins will be conducted in private by our staff, ensuring that you are comfortable and confident throughout the process.
  • Final Weigh-Ins (Or “Weigh-Out”). A final weigh-in may be submitted from May 29th to May 31st. At the end of the mentioned time frame, weigh-ins can no longer be submitted and you cannot qualify to win.
  • Dress Code. Weigh-in dress code is Airport Security Attire. Airport security attire is: light indoor clothing with no shoes, belt, hat, or outerwear. Pockets must be empty. No pocketbooks, watches, or other accessories. In addition, players must wear substantially equivalent clothing for their official weigh-in and weigh-out. Note: SNU Staff will review weigh-in and weigh-out photos side by side to ensure compliance.
  • Scales. The same scale will be used for official weigh-ins and weigh-outs.
  • Players have up until day 7 of the game to receive a full refund.  Please note that the 7 day period begins on the day the game starts and not the day the player joins. After the refund period has closed, exceptions may be made for players that have medical reasons for leaving the game. Documentation must be provided to SNU staff for verification purposes. No refunds will be made after the game ends. No exceptions. 
    • Once all weigh-out submissions have been reviewed, and winners certified by SNU staff, the game will be finalized and winners announced. Note: the process to finalize the challenge may take three days to give our staff ample time to complete a thorough and fair review of all final weigh-in submissions. Once the challenge is finalized, winnings are distributed and no adjustments can be made to results.
    • Goal Weight. The final weight required for a player to be deemed a winner is calculated as the player’s officially approved starting weight minus 4% of such weight.
    • Winning.  Any player at or below his or her Goal Weight, based on an approved Weigh-Out, shall be deemed a winner unless any of the following conditions are true: 
    • Age. You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the challenge.

    • Body Mass Index (BMI). You must have at least an 18.5 BMI to participate in the challenge. You will be asked to provide your height during the initial weigh-in. Also, if your BMI would fall below 18.5 after losing 4% of your starting weight, you will be unable to participate.

  • Prohibited Actions. Players caught engaging in prohibited actions shall be ejected from the challenge at the sole discretion of SNU staff. Ejected players shall not be entitled to a refund of any fees or bets. The following actions are prohibited:


    o Binging or hydration.

    o Purging (self-induced vomiting).

    o Excessive dehydration.

    o Engaging in weight-loss medical procedures during the course of the challenge.

    o Any and all unsportsmanlike behaviors, as deemed by the SNU Staff.

    o Tampering with the measurement reported by the scale.

  • Know The Health Risks. Consult with a qualified healthcare provider before engaging in our challenge. Losing weight can be risky in certain circumstances and we want to avoid injuries. Players assume all risks of their participation.
  • Play Smart.  Don’t engage in our challenge if you can’t safely lose the required weight in the required time, or when you cannot afford to lose the money that you’ve bet.
  • Keep It Legal. SNU does not permit use of its services in jurisdictions where such contests are illegal.

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