Conditioning & Back Workout (BTS VLOG)

Today we follow Dr.Dan (physiotherapist), Carlo (co-founder), and Christian (co-founder) while they do a conditioning and back workout.

Feel free to watch and make this your next back day workout with some conditioning and tag us in the workout!

Workout 1:

Pendy Rows - 6 Reps Medicine Ball Slams - 6 Reps

X 3 Sets

Workout 2:

Deadlifts - 8 Reps Burpee Rope Slams - 12 Reps

X 4 Sets

Workout 3:

T-Bar Rows - 12 Reps Ragdoll Rope Slams - 20 Reps

Workout 4:

Wide Cable Pull Downs - 10-12 Reps Front Cable Pull Downs (rope grip) - 10-12 Reps

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