A huge number of people across the world resolve to improve their health and fitness. For some this means losing weight, for others it’s gaining muscle, and for some people, it’s more about working on developing a healthy mindset. Transforming your physique, health, and lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight.

Friendly Trainers

Lose weight

Stay Motivated

Build Muscle

I didn't have motivation

Now I love working out

The problem I faced before I started personal training was I didn’t have the motivation to really start losing weight – it really was my weight loss.

I’ve tried working out on my own, but there’s always that time you start to lack motivation, you don’t have someone pushing you or holding you accountable for your actions. Ever since I started working out with Johnny, it pushed me further in terms of my goal of being fit.

So I chose personal training because I wanted that 1-on-1 experience. I found that since I started with Johnny, you get that personal feeling you get with someone. They get to know you, you get to become more than just a trainer and a trainee. You almost become friends on a level.

SNU – these guys are amazing. You see the kind of work they do with people. I would definitely recommend this to everybody.  



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