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Physiotherapy is very effective for treating sports injuries, repetitive strain, physical trauma, or injuries from car accidents.

Untreated injuries can worsen over time, making everyday tasks increasingly difficult. Although the cause of pain may differ between individuals, the practice of physiotherapy was designed to aid in the body’s healing process and help you get back into fighting shape.

Strength-N-U was one of the first gyms in Canada to offer physiotherapy services next door to its fitness gym location for ultimate convenience.

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  • Athletes seek physiotherapy to keep their bodies in excellent form

  • Office workers with repetitive strain injuries seek physiotherapy due to long hours of sedentary positions

  • Car accidents can cause major Injury and trauma 

  • Women in pre and post-pregnancy seek physiotherapy to strengthen and condition pain management.

  • People with dizziness and concussion-related symptoms that needs Vestibular Rehabilitation



Some examples of treatments provided by physiotherapists at Strength-N-U Therapy.


Manual Therapy

Specialized manual therapy can help you relax your muscles and relieve pain. Specialists use hands-on techniques to pinpoint problem areas, then manipulate the muscles to relieve stress on your joints. This unique mixture of massage and pressure relieves soreness and increases circulation.

Relaxes Muscles

Relieves pain



Physiotherapy can help you recover from an injury caused by participating in sports-related activities. Whether you’ve experienced a muscle strain from poor posture or from warming up properly, we’ll assess your injury and provide treatment tailored to your needs.

For Athletes

Recover Faster


Motor Vehicle Physiotherapy

When car accidents injuries occur, functional impairment can make it difficult for us to do the things we do on a regular basis. This can negatively impact our physical and mental well-being. Our trained physiotherapists help many people recover from their injuries by designing programs specifically for their situation.

Relaxes Muscles

Relieves pain


Prenatal and Postnatal Care

Pregnancy can be an exciting and challenging time. However, because of weight gain and other factors associated with pregnancy, many women experience back pain, pelvic pain, and other ailments. We have several programs that can help alleviate the pains of pregnancy.

For Pregnancies

For Females


Instramuscular Stimulation

Intramuscular stimulation (IMS) or dry needling is a technique in which thin needles are inserted into the muscles to improve circulation and reduce muscle tone. By focusing on specific points, hypertonic painful muscles can relax, improving range of motion and reducing pain.

Dry Needling

Relieves pain


Vestibular Rehabilitation

We can help you manage your symptoms if you are experiencing dizziness, acute or chronic vertigo. These symptoms can come from sports, head injury, or whiplash in motor vehicle accidents. Our physiotherapists can assess if you are eligible for Vestibular Rehabilitation to help you manage your symptoms.

For Dizziness

Relieve Symptoms

Best spot for

Massage +

Best spot for massage or physiotherapy. I injured my left shoulder in 2018 and my right shoulder recently, Jason was very patient with me and gave me the necessary workouts to rehab and get back to where I was before.

Not only that but when I pulled my lower back muscles during a workout, I had Jerika release the tension in my back days before a competition and I can’t thank her enough.

Lastly I had another lower back injury from a bad fall and had Brandon take care of me, I had a session with him and felt relaxed when leaving. He’s definitely passionate about his job and he’s a sick guy. Thanks SNU!


Super friendly

SUper clean

I’ve been going here 18 months and I absolutely love it here.

The place is super clean and the staff of extremely friendly. I’ve done their personal training, fitness classes, chiropractic and physiotherapy and I’ve always had phenomenal service.

They also work with a lot of insurance and benefits. I would 100% recommend this place.


One Stop Shop For


I went to Strength-N-U for the first time for chiropractic therapy. I was so IMPRESSED with my experience.

Everyone was so nice and knowledgeable. You feel so welcomed as soon as you walk in. They have everything from workout sessions, nutrition and various therapy options. One stop shop for everything!  

You will not be disappointed!~



Testimonials and reviews left by our clients on Google Reviews. 

monika Malhotra
monika Malhotra
01:36 30 Jul 22
The coach was super amazing. Training was excellent
P “pnasty” N
P “pnasty” N
17:57 11 Jul 22
I had an awesome class led by Roman. Even though there were many stations, he made sure everyone understood what to do, how to do it, and helped us if we needed additional guidance. Super friendly and was gassed by the end of it! 10/10 would recommend/will come back!!
Shanna Kay Hamilton
Shanna Kay Hamilton
19:04 21 Jun 22
I love the idea of having instructor in the class. Personally, myself, that's my preference because im sure with the guidance, I can target all areas that need improvement. As well as the continuous push, pep talks and the overall motivation, the vibes of the class endure.
Kinjal Brahmbhatt
Kinjal Brahmbhatt
22:35 12 May 22
I absolutely love this place, staff is amazing and super friendly. I would rate 10/10. Totally worth going.
Berlini U
Berlini U
18:03 20 Mar 22
The facility looks immaculate. The trainers are not only professionals but also very supportive. The staff is friendly and overall, the aura of the entire place is very welcoming. There is a sense of community and I love that.
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Meet Your Therapists

Jenn Joucas
RMT Massage Therapist
Dr. Neha Sethi-Singh

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to use my extended health care (ehc) benefits from work?

Yes! After receiving treatment, we will provide you with an invoice of the services rendered that you can claim to your insurance company for reimbursement, if applicable.

Are treatments painful?

At times, certain techniques used by Chiropractors and/or Massage Therapists can be a little uncomfortable. Simply let your treatment provider know if you are uncomfortable with a technique, and they will find an alternative way to treat you.

Are the staff at strength-n-u therapy registered/certified?

Yes! All staff at Strength-N-U Therapy are registered health practitioners.

Do I have to remove my clothing?

No. Some areas of the body are easier to treat with no clothing, however, if you are not comfortable undressing for any reason, you certainly do not have to remove any clothing.

Will I be sore after the treatment?

It is not uncommon to feel some soreness after treatment. Chiropractic care and Massage Therapy involve the manipulation of the muscle and bone, and for some this can cause some soreness. Your treatment provider will suggest some ways to reduce this pain such as stretch, ice and/or heat application.


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