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Custom Meal plans to achieve your dream body.

Fat Loss
Nutrition Plans

We custom design nutrition menus for safe, sustainable fat loss.

Weight Gain Nutrition Plans

We develop plans for those who have difficulty gaining weight and keeping muscle.

Shopping Lists

Each plan includes a shopping list for convenience and save you time

Food Sensitivity Plans

We create plans around dietary restrictions so you can focus on fitness.

Sports Performance Plans

We develop plans for athletes, competitors or highly active individuals.

What is

good Nutrition?

Foster a healthy relationship with food, find balance with new eating habits, and discover what work best for your body.

Get a Free Consultation: Includes a total body composition analysis and personal goal setting session to steer you in the right direction.




Faster Results with

Proper Nutrition

The BEST studio ever! Amazing trainers! Clients are so friendly and motivating! An amazing fitness family! The classes challenge you with the guidance and support of the trainers you’ll see results in no time with proper nutrition!

I had a consultation with one of the nutritionists and cannot wait to have the full package now!

Chris, Leticia, Brian, and Kevin are my go to classes! But everyone there is truly amazing! Try a free session you WONT ever stop going!


RITA LO - Lost over 25 lbs

Strategic Approach To Nutrition

Custom nutrition App

Track Intake

All nutrition clients get access to our custom Strength-N-U app. You’ll get a connected nutrition experience that’ll be sure to keep you on track.

Meal Plans

Receive prescribed meal plans through our custom app, or view PDF meal plan documents.

Progress Tracking

Track workouts, nutrition, fitness targets, progress photos, and more with our Strength-N-U mobile app

Nutrition Goals

We'll help you set important nutrition milestones and track your progress so you can crush your fitness goals.

Track Intake

Track your calorie intake and macros (protein, fat, and carbs) through the MyFitnessPal food logging integration

1. Choose Goal

We have plans based on personal goals, nutrition habits, and desired timelines.

2. Fill In Form

Complete our comprehensive nutrition questionnaire to develop a plan you'll love.

3. Get Plan

You'll receive a plan within 5 business days after you submit your questionnaire.

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Free consultation

Includes a total body composition analysis and personal goal setting session to steer you in the right direction.

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Faster Results

More energy

Increase efficiency

Feel good

How to Eat & Train For

Your Body Type

ECTOMORPH  25% Protein 55% Carbs 20% Fats

You have a super fast metabolism. 
You can eat junk food all the time but you don’t gain any weight. It’s hard for you to gain muscle no matter how hard you work out.

To gain size and strength, you need to do compound exercises such as the Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift. Stick to 6-8 reps per set. Eat in a caloric surplus – don’t be afraid to eat more carbs and calories than your body needs.

MESOMORPH  30% Protein 40% Carbs 30% Fats

It’s easy for you to gain muscle and lose weight quickly. You have an athletic build, broad shoulders like a running back or lineman in football. 

You have a higher ratio of fast twitch muscles, so you can incorporate isolations in the lower rep range. Stick to 6-8 reps per set.

Eat in a caloric surplus – don’t be afraid to eat more carbs and calories than your body needs.

ENDOMORPH  35% Protein 25% Carbs 40% Fats

You have a shorter, more stocky build. You can gain weight and muscle fairly quickly, but you retain more fat than a mesomorph.

Hit the same body parts multiple times per week. Stay within 8-15 reps per set. Include some steady state cardio or high interval training (HIIT) on off days into your workout plan. Stay away from eating lots of carbohydrates.

1 year Later

I love it

I’ve been going to this gym for about 1 year now and I love it. The trainers really encourage you, and they work you hard. The gym is also staffed with massage therapists, chiropractors, and physiotherapists. 

I strongly recommend.


Kalenea Johnson

NICOLE WENTWORTH - Lost over 30 lbs
SHAWN DESMAN - Canadian Singer

Foods & Meal Planning

To Achieve my Fitness Goals

When I walk in I feel like it’s walking in to the cheers bar, where everybody knows your name. Everyone is so welcoming and encouraging. Currently I do personal training with Jeff, and he’s awesome – working with me to achieve my goals. 

Akiel is my nutritionist and he’s always there when I have questions in regards to foods and meal planning. Overall, great place to start or continue to work out. Highly recommend!



What People Say

Testimonials and reviews left by our clients on Google Reviews. 

Veronica Lavigueur
Veronica Lavigueur
18:41 25 Aug 22
Dr Scrase was awesome! Already feeling better after 24hrs. Super professional and made sure she was working with my pain level. Highly recommend her!
Mich Arthur
Mich Arthur
21:54 23 Aug 22
Great workout classes/routines with flexible hours and amazing instructors. Full service facility, very friendly attentive staff, affordable pricing, convenient location, user friendly online and app access. Loving every minute.
04:35 29 Jun 22
Excellent class with Kevin! Facility was warm and friendly. Staff was great ??
Pranav Nandgaonkar
Pranav Nandgaonkar
04:24 01 Jun 22
Best gym in Scarborough. I really like their concept of group training where you get trainer dedicated to your group which is really a limited group and I like that part the most making sure that everyone gets to use all equipments on their turn. The location of the gym is very convenient so as to commute to any side of Scarborough. I highly recommend Strength-N-U and I am an active member of the gym.
Theresa Blackman
Theresa Blackman
22:21 28 May 22
I highly recommend this facility. Everything about it is amazing. From the environment to the positive energy. I have no complaints. Also, shout out to my trainer Leticia who does an amazing job and is such an inspiration to me.
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6 Week Program

2 Meal Plans Included
Initial Consultation
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Min 3 Month Commitment

Plan Updates Every 4 Weeks
Initial Consultation
Monthly In-Person Check Ins
Strength-N-U App Constant Mentorship


Min 3 Month Commitment

Plan Updates
Weekly Meal Substitutions
Available Initial Consultation
Weekly In-Person Check ins
Strength-N-U App Constant Mentorship

Free Consultation

Includes a total body composition analysis and personal goal setting session to steer you in the right direction.

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