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Why HIRE a

Personal Trainer?

Join thousands of our successful personal training clients who look to us for motivation, accountability, and guidance to increase your chances of success. 


Get the best fitness results possible in less time and help you find the right exercises to achieve all of your goals.


Learn how to perform exercises correctly, reducing your risk of injury and increasing movement efficiency.


Your personal trainer will make adjustments to your program as your fitness level improves so you won’t plateau or feel stuck in the same old routine.

30 Min & 60 Min Sessions

Beginner to Advanced

Highest Chance of Success

Personal Training

our process

With our dedicated personal trainers by your side, you’ll be equipped with the tools, knowledge, and support needed to achieve your goals and tap into your full potential.

Step 1: Consultation and Goal Setting

Your personal training journey begins with a profound conversation where we listen to your fitness goals, understand your current fitness level, and identify any specific needs or limitations. This step lays the foundation for your personal trainer to craft achievable, measurable objectives that align with your vision for a healthier future.

Step 2: Customized Workout Programs

Once we understand your goals, our skilled personal trainers will design a personalized workout regime for you. Consideration is given to your fitness level, preferences, and focus areas. Our personal trainers are there with you every step of the way, offering motivation, instruction, and feedback to ensure optimal form and results. As you evolve, so does your program, keeping you engaged, challenged, and constantly moving forward.

Step 3: Ongoing Support and Progress Tracking

We believe in celebrating every milestone on your fitness journey. With continuous support from your personal trainer, we’ll cheer for you every step of the way. Regular assessments track your progress, and your personal training program will be adjusted as needed to keep you on track. We’ll be there to guide, motivate, and answer any questions you may have.


My family called me


Growing up I always struggled with weight and identity issues that came with being bigger. By the time I got to high school, I developed severe body dysmorphia, but I never let it show.

I was literally nicknamed “fatman” by my family, a name that never quite sat right with me.

I started training with Nelson when I was just getting into my career as a new massage therapist at SNU.

He taught me about eating habits and small things that would make me feel more powerful. My head was clear, my mental was strong.

This experience has showed me that human potential is unlimited. If you want something bad enough, you’ll make it happen. Set your sights on that goal, don’t look away from that target.

Inhale, exhale, and remember why you started.


BRENDAN BARRAN - From Overweight to Competitive Bodybuilder

Family Vibes

Feel Comfortable

Variety of Workouts

Burn fat

Nothing worked for me

Except this

I wanted to lose weight, and gain more energy. I was looking for a gym to be at, feel comfortable, and have a trainer that I can train with, motivate me, and challenge me.

I‘ve tried several things in the last 4 years. Different crash diets, different trainers, regular gyms – nothing worked for me. 

This gym feels like a family. Everybody here is so nice. I love the way that Akiel trains me and challenges me. 

It’s not boring, every workout is different and that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, for a long time.

Akiel – thanks for training me and being such a tough ass.


I wasn't committed

Now I go hard

The problem for me was commitment. I’d be going to the gym by myself, going strong for a good solid 3 months, and I would just stop. 

The problem for me was motivation. If I did go by myself,  and I wasn’t happy with the workout, I would try to cut the workout a little bit short.

The thing I like about Massi is he doesn’t let you settle. He calls you out if you’re slacking on an exercise, and then pushes you harder the next time you have to do it.

He makes it fun. It’s not the same workout over and over and over. I didn’t know half these exercises even existed.

Specifically to Massi, awesome training with you. Great memories from when we first started. We’ve come a long way, we’ve done quite a lot with Massi, and Massi’s helped us quite a bit.

Thank you Massi, you’re definitely a part of our lives, so I’m looking forward to continuing my training here with the team. 


2-On-1 training

Increase Strength


Burn Fat

Friendly Trainers

Lose weight

Stay Motivated

Build Muscle

I didn't have motivation

Now I love working out

The problem I faced before I started personal training was I didn’t have the motivation to really start losing weight – it really was my weight loss.

I’ve tried working out on my own, but there’s always that time you start to lack motivation, you don’t have someone pushing you or holding you accountable for your actions.

Ever since I started working out with Johnny, it pushed me further in terms of my goal of being fit.

So I chose personal training because I wanted that 1-on-1 experience. I found that since I started with Johnny, you get that personal feeling you get with someone. They get to know you, you get to become more than just a trainer and a trainee. You almost become friends on a level.

SNU – these guys are amazing. You see the kind of work they do with people. I would definitely recommend this to everybody.



Personal Training is

Friendly + Fun

Been doing personal training here with JJ for the last 8 months. He’s super knowledgeable and his personality and humour makes the training a lot of fun! The environment is also very friendly and not intimidating. The staff from front desk to trainers are all very friendly 🙂


RITA LO - Lost over 25 lbs
NICOLE WENTWORTH - Lost over 30 lbs

1 year Later

I love it

I’ve been going to this gym for about a year now and I love it. The trainers really encourage you, and they work you hard. The gym is also staffed with massage therapists, chiropractors, and physiotherapists. 

I strongly recommend.


Everybody knows

Your name

When I walk in I feel like it’s walking in to the cheers bar, where everybody knows your name. Everyone is so welcoming and encouraging. Currently I do personal training with Jeff, and he’s awesome. Working with me to achieve my goals.

Akiel is my nutritionist and he’s always there when I have questions in regards to foods and meal planning. Overall, great place to start or continue to work out.

Highly recommend.


SHAWN DESMAN - Canadian Singer

What People Say

Testimonials and reviews left by our clients on Google Reviews. 

Navodya Shanthadeva
Navodya Shanthadeva
00:29 25 Sep 23
The owner Carlo went above and beyond to make sure my personal training experience was great and it's catered to my fitness goals. Also my trainer Chris is awesome. He is very knowledgeable and pushes me which is exactly what I need.
Seema David
Seema David
03:58 24 Sep 23
Classes are great for all levels as trainers give you the attention needed to guide you in your workout.
Joan Wilson
Joan Wilson
11:42 22 Sep 23
. Great classes, coaches and very friendly, supportive atmosphere
Miriam Brathwaite
Miriam Brathwaite
04:29 13 Sep 23
Wonderful receptionists, always helpful and ready to answer questions. I've seen 3 people from this centre (physio, chiro and massage) and they are all phenomenal at what they do. Highly recommend!
Willians Herrada Sanchez
Willians Herrada Sanchez
15:18 10 Sep 23
The staff friendliness and knowledge is admirable. The training session I was part of and also the sense of community that is so evident as soon as I walked in the door
Lisa May
Lisa May
19:08 07 Sep 23
Melissa is caring and kind but most importantly she give a wonderful, thorough therapeutic massage! Highly recommend her!
Sheena Salanguit
Sheena Salanguit
20:25 30 Aug 23
I was recommended to Clay to help me with my hip/lower back pain... He was very welcoming and listen while i explained what i have done so far to aid my injury... He was quiet knowledgeable and very thorough with his assessment to ensure he has the right rehab plan to build the muscle i need to prevent further injury... he was also patient with answering any questions i had.I look forward to the rehab to help me move better and get back into my routine..
Pranoy S Babu
Pranoy S Babu
18:36 29 Aug 23
I can't help but share my incredible journey at Strength-N-U, a place where miracles seem to happen! I had been grappling with persistent wrist pain caused by my weightlifting activities and decided to give this therapy center a try. Within just two days of stepping foot here, I felt a remarkable improvement that can only be described as miraculous.Mr. Shavaiz Malik, the skilled and professional physiotherapist who worked with me, deserves all the credit for this amazing transformation. His expertise is beyond compare, and his dedication to his craft is truly commendable. Not only did he alleviate my pain, but he also revived my hope and confidence.I can confidently say that Mr. Malik is a true life saver. His personalized approach to my treatment and his unwavering passion set him apart. Under his care, my physical discomfort became a thing of the past, and for that, I am immensely grateful.
Mirna Trogrlić
Mirna Trogrlić
23:11 21 Apr 23
I love this gym. All the trainers are incredibly warm, dedicated and motivating. I've been going for over a year now and have seen amazing results and learned so much about fitness. The trainers are very interactive, they go around the room during classes, correcting form and pushing people to do their best. The sense of community is strong too, everyone is so friendly.
Mich Arthur
Mich Arthur
21:54 23 Aug 22
Great workout classes/routines with flexible hours and amazing instructors. Full service facility, very friendly attentive staff, affordable pricing, convenient location, user friendly online and app access. Loving every minute.
Pranav Nandgaonkar
Pranav Nandgaonkar
04:24 01 Jun 22
Best gym in Scarborough. I really like their concept of group training where you get trainer dedicated to your group which is really a limited group and I like that part the most making sure that everyone gets to use all equipments on their turn. The location of the gym is very convenient so as to commute to any side of Scarborough. I highly recommend Strength-N-U and I am an active member of the gym.
Theresa Blackman
Theresa Blackman
22:21 28 May 22
I highly recommend this facility. Everything about it is amazing. From the environment to the positive energy. I have no complaints. Also, shout out to my trainer Leticia who does an amazing job and is such an inspiration to me.
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